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Dragon Review for 1/4/06

Well all I can say is that last night was brilliant. Even though it rocked on the 17th of December, last night there were no issues in the beginning. Im talking about equipment issues. On the 17th I showed up with a small batch of CDs and a full bag of records, and found no turntables on the stage...only CD players!!! The issue was resolved in a matter of 20 minutes, and i must say was a classy move, considering the in house DJ could just play the rest of the night in the hidden DJ booth. By experience i have encountered allot of shady promoters who would just do such a thing. Sam the equipment lender to the club took a cab home and brought back 2 technics and the show went on with a bang. Ill have some pics for last night. I just want to thank Christobal (Owner and operator of the Dragon) and Rodrigo (General Manager) for the bookings. I will be playing on the 20th at the other Dragon club located in Punta Hermosa Beach just an hour south of here. There should be around 500
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El Dragon part 3

Ill be at it again tonight at the El Dragon in Lima. Just want to add that the guys over at El Dragon have been nothing but good to me, and have accomodated to my professional needs dilligently and with warm hearts. I just stepped out of a meeting with them and all i have to say is that they are one of the few contacts here in Lima i could completely count on. Not to mention the support of my girlfriend Rockoto, thank you for everything baby!!! I´ll be headlining from 11:30-2. Ill put pics up tomorrow. Hope all is well with you all. Regards Boris Collage

Collage @ Gotica, Lima, Peru

Initial recap of Collage Music @ El Dragon, Lima(Peru)

Last night was great at the Dragón. It started off a bit shakey because the turntable had not yet arrived, and i didn't pack allot of CDs for my set that night. I mean, they had the set up (CDJ1000s along with a brand new DJM 1000 mixer) and the friendliest staff. The guy who rents out the EQP to the club came up to me on stage and assured me that the decks were on the way. So i started off with the CDs and in 10 minutes the decks were being plugged in, seamlessly the music never stopped. I had so much fun, and the floor was on fire by 1am. By 2am everyones hands were in the sky when i closed up with Blaze's "Be Yourself". Special thanks to Love Monk for their shhh shhh tracks i got to play. Clean!!!! My next stop is GOTICA next friday. There i will be playing along with Felipe Salmon. He and i will be doing interval sets all the way to 6am, so i better get some sleep the night before. Lately sleep has been pretty tough due to my apartment being situated on

Shout to San Francisco

A SHOUT TO MY FRIENDS IN SAN FRANCISCO>>>> and an even bigger shout to THE GALLERY LOUNGE. I miss you guys. Boris

Boris Collage @ El Draon (Lima, Peru) Wednesday December 7th

DJ BORIS COLLAGE and MAMA COLLAGE just days before my departure to Lima I will be playing and headlining at the DRAGON over in Barranco, an old quiant neighborhood here in Lima. Ill be on the decks around midnight and play on till 2am. The Scene here in Lima is pretty solid as far as the DJ-Dancer respect. There is good talent here, though in small numbers; nevertheless the kids who throw down, throw down and keep their dancers happy. Electro house and acid seems to be breaking ground here through this one cat i saw play on saturday night. His name is Andy Dyer. He opened up for Dean Coleman from Yoshitoshi. There is a lack of soulful deep house, and the more orchestrated tracks chalk full of instrumentals and song based journey mixes. I am trying to persuade the owener and booking agent for the big club GOTICA to get Lil Louie Vega down here and introduce a spiritual and positive message in house music. I think it would be a good call, and perhaps get Swag down here, and mayb

Collage in Peru

Photo Courtesy of Mlle. Rockoto (Warming up the night for Felipe Salmon @ El Dragón, Barranco, Lima Peru) It was my first gig here in Lima, and the promoters and DJs welcomed me with open arms. I am being treated very good down here, and i own it to my beautiful Mlle. Rockoto for her support and vibes. Also special thanks to my friend Franco Gambini, and GM of the Dragón Rodrigo Wangeman. I will be playing on the 2nd and the 9th at the big club here in Lima called Gotica. I will be playing with Dave Caulluman from the U.K and another DJ from abroad as well. Look out for more pics and more dates.

Gallery Lounge One Year Anniversary Photos

John Howard performs another flawless set John smiling to the collage viewers I would like to pay my respects the Mike and Mark, owners of the Lounge, for displaying tireless tasks and dedication to bringing such a healthy nest of music and creativity to San Francisco. Also, much respect and love to Dave Mejia for bringing the DJ's together for such a special night. I appologize for not having any display shots of Dave Mejia, but in commemoration of his Birthday i want to send a special salute to you and your wonderful wife for being such positive spirits throught the night. It's a pleasure for me to look back after one year and see all the progress the Lounge has enjoyed, and Dave is a major factor towards the Lounge's sucess. Thank You. As for me, i will be leaving next week to Lima to spend time with my girlfriend and spin down there, but i will return..... Thank you

Gallery Lounge One Year Anniversary Photos